Why digital marketing & branding is necessary for business growth.

AnswerFirst, a reliable and cost effective customer service solutions provider run by husband and wife duo Penny and Matt Herron, have been in the answering service business for over 16 years in Tampa Florida. I was blessed to meet them through a friend of mine a few years ago. Matt came to me for a complete re-branding of AnswerFirst. This means for example; a new logo and tag, messaging, website, direct mail, enewsletter, social branding, internal documents, signage, trade show banners, folders, slicks, email signatures, marketing materials and sales materials, it was a lot of hard work and commitment from both myself and AnswerFirst.

AnswerFirst has a fantastic reputation already, business was doing very well, in fact their growth the last couple of years has easily doubled, they offer fantastic products and have fabulous clients. So what was going through their mind? Was change necessary? You may wonder why on earth they needed to invest dollars into a marketing and branding strategy.

It’s about who AnswerFirst is and what they stand for. Connecting Customers with Answers. AnswerFirst is without a doubt CUSTOMER CENTRIC. Everything they do is focused on how to better serve their clients, how to communicate exceptionally well and offer their expertise and knowledge the best possible way. Reaching out to their customers and the community.

They are not the kind of company that say one thing but deliver another. AnswerFirst, from the start has done things the right way by their clients. They produced services of the highest standard from the get-go. They don’t believe in settling into a “comfort zone” because everything is running smoothly, because clients are happy, and business is well, busy. They got where they are today through blood and sweat. they take nothing for granted. What I mean by that is, they consistently strive to do better, stay on top of technology and answering service solutions ensuring they are offering the best service possible to their clients, and in return the rewards are strong partnerships and relationships with long term clients. The truth is AnswerFirst didn’t NEED a re-brand, they CHOSE to re-brand to ultimately better serve their clients and help get the message out about who they are and how they can help your business. 

While change is uncomfortable and most people shy away from it, especially when things are going well, it is better to remain sharp, aware of what the competition is doing and most importantly listen to what your clients needs are. Now that we have constant access to information that tells the truth about the products we use and the ethics of the companies behind them— that changes everything. If you wish to enhance your online presence and market yourselves more effectively you need innovative and effective web marketing and Branding solutions.

Businesses today need much more than an SEO and a underdeveloped website. They need marketing experts that go beyond rankings to help them develop business strategies to achieve goals and and ultimately, results.

Social media is a facet of digital that cannot be ignored when devising a marketing strategy. It is fast becoming a huge influence in SEO results, contributing significantly to where your website is going to rank.

Social recommendations bring value. Social commentary brings relevancy. Being able to respond quickly to social comments with brilliant and unique content will achieve strong back links coupled with authority.

As the search engines continue to embrace the influence of social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+, it is important that you have an integrated approach to your social presence and the impact it has on your search listings.

Utilize digital web integration and become socially web savvy – work, collaborate, listen, question, answer, test, learn, refine business plans and opportunities, launch digital marketing campaigns, drive traffic to your sites, be found… all in a creative, collaborative community!

What was fascinating to me working with AnswerFirst was the team spirit they have. Everybody from the account handlers to the phone operators to the IT director took part in this re-brand. The company as a whole were genuinely excited and happy to be involved, from the initial half day BrandFiltration meeting which is a long and grueling process to get down to the unique selling advantages through to the colors of the logo or banners, everybody played an important part in the company that they see as their own.

A truly unique and uplifting client experience…. is your company growing out of it’s shoes? Are you ready for the next level?

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