The future of “social media agency of record” and digital agencies

Advertising as we know it is changing, it didn’t happen yesterday, it’s happening NOW. It is morphing into facebook, social media and twitter ads. While alternative approaches to reaching your audience is through lifestyle, a new kind of integrated marketing has emerged to date.

3 approaches that all work in a virtuous cycle together….

Owned Media
These are the channels you own: Your website, blog, social media (facebook, twitter etc), email list and customer database. The content you send via these channels could include direct mail, email newsletters, blog posts, multimedia and more. I’d also include events in this list. Events are part content, part channel.

Earned Media
Another word for this is publicity. It can include newspaper, magazine or TV coverage;  coverage by bloggers; guest posts; consumer reviews; and Facebook or Twitter posts about you.

Paid Media
Just like it sounds, this is attention you pay for. Included here: Display advertising (online and offline), pay-per-click advertising, trade shows, advertorials, news wire distribution, sponsorship and more.

The brand that can unite all three marketing strategies – owned, earned and paid media – is the future savvy marking agency not seen to date.

From this point forward there will again only be one kind of agency and it will be called agency. What I mean is, an integrated agency with social media as another arm. Mobile marketing, SEO, digital marketing and research through conversation…. all services an agency of tomorrow will be expected to provide.

There will always be specialized services out there but ultimately the big agencies will be providing all these services in order to fully optimize the new research and advertising approaches social media and digital media provide…. to reach out to the masses.

The three steps of social media advertising:
1. Engagement
2. Social ad/ engagement ad from discussion
3. Display/banner/skyscraper/digital

Creativity matters more than ever in this world today and all three types of media approaches help shape, morph, model, select and change, the copy and ads to be more efficient in creating effective messaging. Making creatives more effectual and creative than EVER BEFORE.

Don’t be mislead into believing the future of “agency” is social media. Social is simply another very important strategy to help with research and to get your message out there to your audience.

The question now would be, should sales, customer support and business development report to marketing?

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