Digital Marketing or Social media marketing FACTS for dummies…

“Social Media Marketing” or “Social Network Marketing” or “digital marketing” is now firmly established as an important and necessary marketing channel. The ‘new school marketing’ now is essential for businesses to embrace the opportunities social networks present and MGL Marketing can cost-effectively help you reach your target audience. The explosive growth of Social Media including Twitter and Facebook for personal use (and the rising star, Pinterest) has been well documented, however the use of Social Media for business use is less so.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Blogs

Social networks, blogs, picture sharing and video sharing make up the various platforms of Social Media Marketing.Recent Industry developments indicate that sites such as Facebook, Twitter and You Tube will soon be threatening the dominance of Google, Amazon and ebay as important search, advertising and e-commerce platforms. As these features are developingfast, establishing a presence on social media spaces is paramount if you wish to be in a good place for future success. it’s a no-brainer really. Google has over 93% of all search traffic in the UK alone….  Businesses have to be Google friendly to thrive online, that’s the bottom line.

Local Search & Location Based Business Visibility

Google has signaled that highly personalized and location based search results will play an  increasingly important role in its search engine results. With the fast growing mass market adoption of smart phones and tablet devices  increasing the frequency and the way people interact via social media, social networks in all formats allow businesses to attract customers in a highly targeted way and to directly interact with their audience as never before. This does not just apply to big business – every conceivable market is there and all business need to be there too! So stop thinking about it, start embracing it! If you don’t want t fall behind, you really can’t afford to ignore the facts. and lets not forget…. google is now in our dictionary!

Reputation Management

It is important to monitor what is being said about your brand, products and business. Social/digital media has been proven as a valuable resource to listen to your customers, the opportunity to respond and actively change perceptions and promote your products and services. The immediacy and reach of social media is what the consumer dmands, it’s what is expected of you. As it is a powerful medium for the promotion of a company, brand or service, it is also a powerful medium for exposing failings or aspects of your business that need attention. Social network communications are two-way of course, and it offers  first hand insight to your customers to listen, engage and respond. Through regular monitoring of social media platforms, MGL Marketing  ensures businesses are aware of comment trends, key issues and overall market sentiment. You need to be in a position to market yourselves with strong messaging, digitally reach out with your messaging to processes and counteract market negativity for positive outcomes.


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