Branding… It begins with a strong message and COMMUNICATING who you are, well.

Logos are not brands, they are merely representations of brands.

They are the entry point to the brand for your mind. Brands are not concrete; they are the thoughts, emotions, and psychological relationships between a business and a customer. Your brand is the foundation of all your marketing activities. Your company brand identifies the product and services and helps to differentiate them from those of your competitors. The importance of branding is equally important to use branding in social marketing campaigns.

To create a successful brand you have to understand and assess the needs and wants of your customers. Understanding customers is at the centre of social marketing, it can lead to the creation of a successful brand that will touch customers. Customers create an emotional bond with a brand, which in turn can lead to a more successful campaign.

The brand is how the customer thinks about the product or service and connects with it emotionally. This means that it is a mix of how the product or service is marketed and how the audience experiences it. The customer will develop an emotional connection to the brand as it experiences the campaign messaging. This means that the campaign must fully understand the customer and their wants and needs because every component of the campaign that reaches the customer helps to shape the emotional ties between the customer and the brand. An individual that feels emotionally connected to a brand is more likely to purchase the product, or in the case of social marketing, adopt the behavior change.

No amount of advertising will create an effective brand if the product or service at the centre of the brand is not good. This means that while a good brand and message can make a product or service more successful, a good product or service is necessary for success.

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